A supplement to my previous posts about favourite Vita games, I thought I would also draw up a list of the best PSP games which are playable on Vita. These are the titles that haven’t left my handheld since I purchased them and regularly wrack up hours of playtime when I’m travelling around. Each has its own redeeming features and I’d definitely recommend you grab them from PSN if they interest you at all!


10. Ape Escape: On the Loose

155696-ape_escape_-_on_the_loose_usa-1The classic PS1 platformer receives a new lick of paint for the PSP – this is still the fantastic game it was all those years ago full of slapstick humor; big worlds to explore; amusing gadgets and fun monkey-catching gameplay. Sadly the Vita’s twin sticks don’t resolve the game’s control woes but otherwise this is a great game to own on the handheld.


9. Ridge Racer

rr_sc001_vf2A fantastic compilation of previous games from the arcade racing franchise, Ridge Racer for PSP brought the series blistering into the 7th gen with the same drift-focused gameplay but some nice quality of life improvements such as nitrous boosts; a wider variety of tracks and cars and some stunning graphics.


8. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters

ratchetclanksizematters_sc002_vf1Not the best Ratchet & Clank game by any stretch of the imagination, Size Matters is still an enjoyable adventure for the titular duo. A brand new story mixed in with some familiar weapons and locations make for an enjoyable experience, despite the brief running time.


7. Ys Seven

screenshot_psp_ys_seven001A less polished version of Memories of Celceta that remains a good time thanks to fast-based combat; an interesting story; beautiful world and as usual for the franchise – an incredible soundtrack full of banging electric guitars. A great time whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not.


6. Burnout Legends

157203-burnout_legends_greatest_hits_usa-2A game I had to get through the great compatibility glitch (fortunately, it’s natively compatible in North America) – Burnout Legends is a blistering compilation of previous games in the series that keeps all the speed and mayhem and packages it into a fantastic handheld title. Well worth checking out.


5. Daxter

maxresdefault1Ready at Dawn handle the storied Jak & Daxter franchise with ease in their first PSP title that manages to keep the fantastic platforming gameplay in tact (as well as the highly comedic tone) while managing to mix in their own gameplay ideas and story quirks. Helps that the title is absolutely beautiful to look at even to this day.


4. WipEout Pulse

maxresdefault2The far superior PSP WipEout entry, Pulse takes the basis laid by Pure – reinvention through returning to the series’ roots after the disappointing Fusion and runs with it. Blissfully fast and stunningly beautiful, with an array of new tracks and challenges alongside returning favourite game modes, creating one of the PSP’s must-have games.


3. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

158719-dissidia_012_-_duodecim_final_fantasy_usa-3A fighting game that shouldn’t work as well as it does, Dissidia mixes a number of characters from Final Fantasy’s history into 3D arena-fighter to duke it out. Featuring an expanded storyline and quest over the original alongside some truly unique combat makes for a fantastic experience that’s well worth revisiting on Vita.


2. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

156462-grand_theft_auto_-_vice_city_stories_europe-1Undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto’s best era, Vice City Stories features all the neon-soaked beauty of its PS2 predecessor in the same big, beautiful open world. New additions such as an addictive empire-building side-task add plenty more content to the package that was already filled to the brim and make it a true handheld classic.


1. Ys: The Oath in Felghana

ys2Hands-down the best Ys has ever been in the history of the franchise, Oath in Felghana is a big, beautiful, challenging game that is among the best PSP has to offer. The title doesn’t adopt the party-based format of later entries, going instead for a solo design. What makes the game so great is the fantastic mix of platforming challenges with action-based fighting and incredibly nuanced boss fights, providing a constant stream of challenging encounters and enjoyment throughout a playthrough.