Vita fan-site – reviews; articles and opinions on Vita; PSP & PS1 content


Just a gamer with a bit of free time writing down my thoughts about my hobby.  Hoping to review the majority of my library of Vita games alongside PSP & PS1 games that are compatible with the console.

Twitter = @Kresnik258

Note about my review policy – games are scored based on the console they’re released on. I may make comparisons to a variety of other games, but their scores will always be reflected based on the hardware they were originally designed for (therefore a 10/10 game for PS1 is rated on a different scale to a 10/10 game for Vita).

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  1. I just wanted to say that I think this is far and away the best Vita site on the net, and I’ve seen a few. So comprehensive and great deep cut reccomendations! The Vita is truly an axing console and thanks so much for helping to shine a light on it’s deep library of games.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Always nice to come across a new fan!
      Yeah, I don’t plan on stopping Vita coverage until I’ve basically played every title in the library that I’m interested in (which is a long way off, and even then I have PSP & PS1 title to play).
      So hopefully I’ll see you along the journey to that destination haha!


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